Pool Filter Check


Pool Filter Check

Everyone’s pool filter cleaning needs may be different, but one thing remains the same: if you want to keep your pool healthy, your pool filter needs to be cleaned regularly.

Whatever your climate and filter type may be, Poolwerx offers a pool filter cleaning service to suit. This service is ideal for those who prefer to follow the recommended filter cleaning schedule. To make your life easier, our service technicians schedule regular filter maintenance for the entire year. That way, there’s no need to keep track of when your filter was last cleaned.


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Why is cleaning your pool filter important?

Your pool filter is a pivotal piece of pool equipment and is responsible for filtering out dirt, debris, sunscreen & bacteria – ensuring that your pool water is clean and healthy to swim in.

When your pool’s filter becomes dirty, it gets blocked, decreasing effectiveness and potentially leading to a strain on the rest of your pool’s equipment.

Regular maintenance, servicing, and cleaning of your pool’s filter, and change of filtration media (glass, sand or D.E) as well as regular filter replacements (cartridge filters), are some of the best things you can do to ensure your pool water is clean, protect your pool equipment and extend your filter’s lifespan.

Signs that your pool filter is due to be serviced or cleaned:

  1. Reduced water flow when backwashing
  2. Decreased suction (might be due to a blocked filter)
  3. Pressure gauge readings have increased

Not sure where to start?
Our qualified pool technicians come to you! When you book a pool filter clean with Poolwerx,

Our Pool Tech’s Will:

  • Thoroughly clean and inspect filter
  • De-grease and chemically clean filter elements
  • Document job with pictures
  • Take apart and lubricate backwash valve
  • Quote on any repairs that may be required
  • Adjust your timer settings for the season

Request a pool filter cleaning service today so you can be confident your pool filter is doing its job, year round.

Pouring sand into pool filter

Glass or Sand Media Replacement

An annual filter service by one of our experienced pool technicians will keep your pool filter in high performance, but over time sand and glass filter media will require replacing (usually between 3-5 years), depending on how much the filter is running.

Cartridge filters require less energy and water flow to filter pool water and are a cost-effective pool filtration system as it doesn’t require backwashing. Pool filter cartridges have the ability to filter finer particles than sand filters and contain a removable filtration element that is easily replaced when they become dirty or blocked but should be cleaned annually.

What are the benefits of glass media?

  • Glass media filtration is more energy-efficient than sand. It allows water to circulate through the filter and is less prone to clogging, all of which saves you money on your energy bill!
  • Switching to glass media can save upwards of 65% water! It allows water to flow through unrestricted, dramatically reducing the need for backwashing.
  • Provides the cleanest possible water through significant filtration down to 3 microns!
  • The smooth surface of the glass media prevents bacteria from attaching to the glass, reduces bacterial growth within the filter, and saves you money on chemicals.

If it’s time for a service or an upgrade on your pool filter, your local Poolwerx can help you decide which filter will suit your pool’s needs and show you how to ensure it’s filtering effectively.

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