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Whether you want to be your own boss or you’re looking to expand your existing business, franchising with Poolwerx is the answer. For 30 years, Poolwerx has been helping people like you flourish in business, building a stellar reputation for first-class aftermarket pool services and products in the process.

Explore this section of the website to discover why you should take advantage of the exciting opportunity to join our award-winning franchise network today.

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Why Choose Poolwerx?

Poolwerx encourages our Partners to develop and grow their business – with help every step of the way! With year-round access to professionals in a range of areas, you can rest assured that you’ll always have support no matter the query.

In addition to being an award-winning franchise network with more than 30 years’ experience under our belt, Poolwerx is one of the Top Franchises in Australia.
We offer a range of practical and tangible benefits to all our Franchise Partners. Whether you’re considering joining the Poolwerx network with your existing business or you want to start a new business as a Poolwerx Franchise Partner, there are plenty of reasons to choose Poolwerx as your franchise of choice.

The power of franchising the Poolwerx way encompasses all of the many benefits of franchising with us. It includes on-hand assistance and support, comprehensive marketing, ongoing training, substantial buying power, business coaching, accountability, tried and tested business development and more.

What are you waiting for? Discover why Poolwerx is a leading Australian franchisor today!

Our Process

Our carefully tailored process to becoming a fully-fledged Poolwerx Franchise Partner is outlined below. You’ll be supported every step of the way in our comprehensive training program by world-class support centre staff in a range of different focus areas. You’ll be taught by a range of experts to ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge and practical experience required to kickstart your Poolwerx Franchise, regardless of whether you have prior experience in the pool and spa industry. Our process has been refined over time to ensure your journey is as streamlined as possible so you can get started quicker.

1. Start your Journey

Either register your interest or give us a call to discuss joining the Poolwerx brand.  Becoming a Poolwerx Franchise Partner is an exciting opportunity to take a different approach to work-life balance and your family wealth.

2. Application

Complete our franchise application which will allow us to better understand your interests and goals as well as ensuring they align with your financial capacity.  This also includes confidentiality documents as a great deal of what we share is confidential in nature.

3. Face to Face Video Meeting

We arrange a video conference to share details about our Poolwerx franchise, the growing pool and spa industry and to better understand who you are and the growth opportunities you are looking for. Post this meeting we will arrange the opportunity to meet our local field representative who will support you day to day once you join the Poolwerx brand.


4. Discovery Day

You will be invited to our world class support centre and training facility in Brisbane.  Here you will have access to ‘the secret sauce’ that makes us the fastest growing Pool brand in the world!  During the day you will have sessions with local franchise partners, we will discuss in detail our purchasing power, marketing support, training programs and in field support.  You will also spend time with our senior leadership team sharing your goals and vision.

5. Disclosure and Due Diligence

Once you have completed the Discovery Day, we will provide you access to our Poolwerx Franchise Disclosure Document, templates, and tools to help build a business plan along with all of the material required to make an informed decision and complete your due diligence.

Our Franchise Options:

Open a New Poolwerx Franchise

Have you always dreamed of being your own boss? Are you looking for your next business challenge? Are you interested in balancing the independence of being in business for yourself with the support of a larger group? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, becoming a Poolwerx Franchise Partner is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

A Poolwerx Franchise is a “turnkey” investment and you don’t need any previous experience, either. We take care of training, set up and everything you need to hit the ground running as you begin trading from Day 1.

With your own assigned franchise territory rich with untapped opportunities, we support you throughout your entire Poolwerx journey. Our “4 Tiers and 5 Years” business development program will help you grow from an owner-operator with a single service vehicle to an employer with a multi-vehicle franchise and one or more retail stores – all in just five short years. You’ll even have the opportunity to expand into additional franchise territories, so you never have to worry about bursting at the seams. Instead, you can just keep on growing!

This practical, proven and unique path to growth is just one of the many benefits you’ll enjoy as a member of the Poolwerx family. After all, we haven’t even mentioned many of our other benefits, including group purchasing power, marketing support, world-class training, brand power and unparalleled field support.

To discuss this exciting opportunity to become a Franchise Partner and master of your own business and destiny, make an enquiry today!

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Buy an Existing Franchise

Buying an existing Poolwerx franchise means becoming a Franchise Partner in a profitable business and franchise territory where the original groundwork has already been established. With a thriving client list and a clear path to further growth, all you need do is pick up where the previous owner left off! Best of all, you don’t need any prior experience. Although your business may already be established, we still provide you with all of our usual initial training and ongoing support to help ensure your success.

You’ll quickly appreciate the benefits of our group purchasing power, marketing support, world-class training, brand power and field support. We know you’ll love our “4 Tiers and 5 Years” business development program, which has been specially formulated and tested to help your business grow, no matter what stage you start at. Whether you acquire a Poolwerx franchise with a single service vehicle, a fleet of service vehicles or an established retail hub and service vehicle fleet, we’ll be right there by your side to help you grow and take advantage of new opportunities.

To discover nearby Poolwerx franchises for sale, contact our Franchise Development Team!

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Convert Your Existing Business to the Poolwerx Brand

Running a pool business on your own is hard and lonely work. It can be difficult to remain competitive or maintain growth in the face of increasing competition. Even if you’re growing, the idea of taking the next step and expanding your network all by yourself can be extremely daunting.

No matter which of these scenarios you relate to, Poolwerx can help. Our Partnership Program offers step-by-step guidance and support as you convert your existing pool retail store(s) and / or mobile pool servicing vehicle(s) within a franchise territory under the Poolwerx brand and system.

It won’t be long before you see for yourself that being a Poolwerx Franchise Partner pays off. With our purchasing power, marketing support, world-class training, brand power and even field support, you’ll notice the difference right away. Once your re-branding is completed, we also help you develop and expand using the Poolwerx “4 Tiers and 5 Years” business development program.

Alternatively, if you’re ready to retire from the pool and spa retail or servicing industry, we can help transition your existing business to the Poolwerx brand and prepare it for sale. This will add excellent value to your business and increase its appeal to potential buyers. Best of all, we’ll even help you with the selling part of the equation!

To discuss this exciting opportunity for your business, contact us today!

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Current Businesses For Sale

Buying an existing Poolwerx franchise gives you the freedom of owning and running your own business, but with the support of a larger group committed to your success.

As a Poolwerx Franchise Partner, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that come from our group purchasing power, comprehensive online and off-line marketing support, ongoing world-class training, brand power and even field support. We’ve been running our award-winning franchise network for more than 25 years, so you can be confident that as one of our Franchise Partners, you’ll have all the proven tools and support you need to succeed. Even better, because you’re buying an existing Poolwerx business, all the early groundwork has already been done for you! All you need do is continue building on this foundation as you develop and grow your new business and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Whether you’re buying into a small fleet of mobile service vehicles or you’re purchasing an established business with multiple retail hubs and a full-blown service fleet, we’re there by your side every day to help you succeed.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and find your new Poolwerx franchise today by checking out our businesses for sale by messaging our Franchise Development team.


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Want to get started but don’t know how?

We’re excited that you’re considering joining the Poolwerx brand! Becoming a Poolwerx Franchise Partner is the first step into an exciting world of opportunity – one in which you’ll be supported every step of the way by the team in our world-class support centre and your fellow Franchise Partners. In fact, because of our comprehensive training and support, no prior pool maintenance or business experience is required. All you need to get started is the determination and dedication to succeed.

We’ve worked hard to keep the process for joining the Poolwerx family streamlined and efficient, so you’re able to dive in as quickly as possible.

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