The latest in pool innovation

Introducing the latest in robotic cleaner innovation, Aquawize will revolutionise pool maintenance for your backyard, available exclusively at Poolwerx.

Aquawize Robotic Pool Cleaners

Outstanding Features

Featuring a four-cycle cleaning cycle that allows you to choose the cleaning time depending on your pool, intuitive navigation and maneuverability and wifi connectivity, allowing you to control your pool no matter where you are. With Aquawize, you’ll be able to enjoy more time swimming in the pool. 


Ultimate Swimming Experience

The Aquawize multi-layer filtration feature is like having a second filter for your pool. Not only will this mean a cleaner pool, but reduces stress on your pump meaning a sparkling swimming experience. 


Total Pool Care Package

Using the latest technology, Aquawize incorporates smart technology to provide the ultimate robot pool cleaning experience while also being environmentally friendly. With caddy included as standard, 18m cable with swivel, and a two-year warranty, the Aquawize robot cleaner is pool care, made smart.

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