Steps to becoming fully certified in CPR

Did you know that only 39% percent of pool owners have adequate CPR skills?* This is a scary statistic considering there are over 2.7 million pool owners in Australia. If CPR is provided immediately as part of the lifesaving combination referred to as the chain of survival, a child can be provided with the best chance to survive and that’s why it is so important for everyone to learn CPR.

So what are the steps involved in becoming certified in CPR?

Find a certified organisation

Before signing up for a CPR course, be sure the course is being run by an accredited source. It is always best to go through a known organisation that specialises in health and safety, such as the Australian Red Cross. Don’t pay for programs that promise certification with no skill checks as these will most likely be fraudulent.

Complete the online course

The Australian Red Cross offers participants the choice to complete the theory component of their CPR course online. In order to complete the full qualification for CPR certification, participants must then complete a practical assessment after passing the online course. Only those who have completed the online course will be able to complete the practical assessment and receive their CPR certification.

As part of April Pools Day, Poolwerx have partnered with Australian Red Cross to offer FREE online CPR courses, valued at $100. Furthermore, participants will also receive a 20 per cent discount on the practical assessment once they have completed the online course.

Complete the practical session

As mentioned, once you have completed the online course, you will need to attend the practical assessment to receive your CPR certification. During this session, participants will be part of practical skill demonstrations, role play as well as a knowledge quiz.

In order to pass this session, participants will need to perform a practical demonstration of CPR, defibrillation following the basic life support action plan on an adult and infant manikin.

Continue recertification annually

While it is a fantastic achievement to become certified in CPR, it is just as important to remain current in this lifesaving skill. It is recommended that you repeat the CPR course annually.

April Pools Day aims to make it easy for people to update their CPR skills by giving them a refresher course on the basic skills for resuscitating babies, young children and adults and the course can be done online, in the comfort of your own home.

People wishing to complete the free online CPR course from Red Cross can register between 1-8 April. The login details are then valid until 31 May 2020.

Register for your FREE CPR Course here


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