Seasonal Pool Maintenance Checks


Seasonal Pool Maintenance Checks

Regular pool inspections and equipment maintenance can prolong the life of your pool and its equipment. Some signs that equipment may need a maintenance check include poor water quality and the need for excessive backwashing, which could mean that your pool pump, filter or chlorinator that needs a repair or replacement. Our Poolwerx technicians can catch faults before they become expensive repairs – keeping your pool looking and feeling its best.

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As a homeowner, how are you meant to know how often to check, maintain or service your pool and equipment?

Whether it’s weekly, monthly, annually or seasonally. We’ve created a guide for you to follow:

Water Testing:

Regular water tests are an important part of regularly maintaining your pool and ensuring that the water is swim-safe. Simply collect a sample from about an arm’s length under the water surface and take it to your local Poolwerx within a few hours. We’ll then be able to provide you with a complete analysis of your pool water, completely FREE! Read our blog on
how often to test your pool water and our beginner’s guide to pool water chemistry to learn more.

Pool Heating:

Be it a gas heater, solar heating system, electric heat pump or simply a solar blanket, Poolwerx has the experience and expertise to advise you on the system best suited to your individual needs. Ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff to arrange a free site consultation to learn more about this service. We can help save you money not only on the up-front costs, but also on the future costs of heating your pool!

Pool Leak Detection & Repair:

Leaks can originate from cracks in the pool itself, a bad skimmer seal, light conduits or numerous other areas. Using specialised techniques our technicians can pinpoint the location of your leak within a few feet of the source. They can then provide an accurate estimate and reliably repair your pool using the most up-to-date techniques available.

If your pool is losing more than a ¼ inch of water a day, you likely have a leak. Using specialised techniques, our leak detection specialist will locate the source of your water loss. First, we conduct a pressure test to determine if your plumbing holds pressure. Next, we perform dye testing on all areas inside the shell from which you could be losing water.

Please note this is a specialist service and not all Poolwerx locations can offer this. Please contact your nearest Poolwerx to find out more


Pool Pumps

The pool pump is the heart of your pool equipment system. It draws the pool water through the skimmer, circulates it and pushes it through the filter and then returns it back to the pool. Without a pool pump, the rest of the cleaning system cannot work properly, and your pool water won’t be properly sanitised. It’s important to match your pool pumps size, with your pool filter.

When it comes to the lifespan of your pool pump, factors such as the quality of the pump, daily operation, regular servicing and maintenance will contribute to the longevity and lifespan of your pool pump.

For more information, read our guide to pool pump repair and book a service with a Poolwerx pool technician before your pool turns cloudy or green.

Pool Filter Clean:

A pool filter is what helps keep debris out of your pool to keep it clean. The pump draws the water from pool and flows through the pump to the filter, which removes dirt, debris, and bacteria. Whether you have a media filter or a cartridge filter, request a pool filter cleaning service today with one of our experienced pool technicians, so you can be confident your pool filter is doing its job, year-round.

Pool Sand Change:

Poolwerx has the knowledge and expertise to help you easily and effectively replace your pool’s sand filters. This allows for the removal of nitrates, ammonia and other harmful bacteria. The end result is a better filtering experience, leading to better water quality, and ultimately a cleaner, healthier pool.

Pool Main Drain Cover Replacement:

Maintaining your pool may require replacement of the main drain or drain cover. Poolwerx offers a complete range of products and services designed to meet your specific needs so that your pool and spa remain fun and safe for everyone who uses it. And if necessary, our technicians can ensure that your pool is fully compliant with the requirements of the Virginia Graeme Baker Act must comply
with the latest edition of ANSI/APSP/ICC16 2017 Standard for Suction Outlet Fitting Assemblies (SOFA).

VGB Compliant Drain Covers must be replaced every 5-7 years by law in commercial properties. Poolwerx can replace your skimmer covers without burdening your facility with the cost and waste of draining your pool. When replacing the covers, we take certain technical and administrative measures to make sure we install the right one. It should be tested and certified for the flow rate that the pump can produce.


Adobe Acrobat file PHTA’s Essential Pool Safety Guide
Adobe Acrobat file PHTA Summary of the Virginia Graeme Baker Act


Are Your Drain Covers and Suction Outlets Compliant?

Your pool’s inlet and outlet fittings, grates, skimmer, and suction outlet (main drain) covers should be kept in good condition and in place at all times
and should be secured in such a manner that they can’t be removed without the use of tools.

Safety Tips:

  • Never swim is the drain cover is missing or broken
  • Never play near suction fittings
  • Keep long hair away from the outlet
  • Keep fingers, toes and body parts away from the outlet
  • Prevent entrapments before they happen
  • Inspect your drain regularly, to ensure it isn’t cracked or broken

If the drain cover does not comply, shut down the pool until the drain cover is replaced. Contact your local Poolwerx technician.

Pool Energy Audit:

Let Poolwerx provide you with a comprehensive energy audit for your swimming pool and hot tub / spa. Our expert technicians can quickly tell you how much it costs to operate your swimming pool and equipment.

Stain Removal:

Is your pool starting to show its age? Nothing ruins the beauty of your backyard oasis like a stained or discoloured pool. That’s why Poolwerx offers a complete range of stain removal and acid wash services that will help return your pool to its glory days.

For more top tips on why you should regularly check your pool equipment, head to our blog here.

*Please note some services may vary across our network. Please contact your local Poolwerx technician for exact details.

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Overwhelmed with do-it-yourself pool maintenance?

Ensure your pool is always in top condition and get the level of maintenance that’s right for you. Choose from one of our three pool and spa maintenance packages: Gold, Silver and Bronze. All our packages have the option of weekly, fortnightly or monthly pool servicing, or a customised solution depending on your individual needs.