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A robotic pool cleaner can not only enhance your pool cleaning, but also increase efficiencies when it comes to pool maintenance. We explain exactly what a pool cleaner robot is and show you the best robotic pool cleaners currently in the market.

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Why Investing in a Quality Pool Cover is Important A pool cover is a must for any pool owner, which is why it’s important to invest in a quality cover to help save time and money on pool maintenance. But not all pool covers are the same. Solar Covers (also known as bubble blankets and bubble wrap covers) are primarily used to stop evaporation and maintain water temperature. Other options include winter leaf covers, non-heating solar pool covers, and thermal covers. Plus, there are also other factors to consider including the micron thickness and installation – all of which impact the efficiency and longevity of your pool cover. What are Microns? This is the measurement of the thickness of the pool cover material, excluding the bubble. For instance, 1/1000th = 1mm, which means a 500-micron pool cover is 0.5mm thick. Pool covers come in a variety of micron sizes from 250 microns to 600 microns and the thickness depends on the purpose of the cover. As you would expect the higher the microns of the pool cover, the better the quality and durability. At Poolwerx we install Abgal Pool Covers and Sunbather Pool Covers which come with quality assurance and warranty for your peace of mind. Why is a Custom Pool Cover Better? All pool shapes and sizes are different, so your pool cover should be custom-made to fit your pool. This means you’re guaranteed a pool cover that not only fits properly but is also properly installed. At Poolwerx, our experienced technicians can provide a free quote and discuss the best type of pool cover to suit your needs. s Enjoy a hassle-free experience and no nasty surprises like incorrect sizing or gaps around the blanket! There’s a host of benefits to a pool cover including reduced water and chemical costs, easier pool maintenance, and a cleaner pool. So, make sure you invest in a long-lasting pool cover that benefits your pool. Request a Quote  
Pool Equipment You Need This Summer With the weather heating up, it is important to have the right accessories and pool equipment to ensure your pool is swim-ready and in good working order. How can you best prepare your pool for Summer? Here’s our ultimate list of must-have pool equipment in 2021. 1. Pool Covers A quality pool cover can prevent the evaporation of your pool’s water, keep rain, leaves, dirt, and debris out of your pool or help control your pool’s temperature. Benefits of a Pool Cover in Summer: Reduce your energy costs Reduce evaporation and the amount of water you’re using Protects and reduces the time you spend on pool maintenance. If you’re unsure what size, style, or type of pool cover you need, or you’re after assistance with an install, your local Poolwerx can help! 2. Robotic Pool Cleaners Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying your pool rather than cleaning it? That’s why robotic pool cleaners are a worthwhile investment. There are several reasons why a robotic pool cleaner will make your life easier and is number #2 in our ultimate list of pool equipment for summer 2021. 3 Reasons Why We Love Pool Robotic Pool Cleaners: They help you save time: using smart technology the robotic pool cleaners from Poolwerx, clean your pool in half the time a suction cleaner does; They’re energy-efficient: robotic pool cleaners run on independent low energy motors and do not rely on using your pool pump and associated equipment to work; They’re easy to use: with plug-and-play technology that can be used via the app with most models. Clean your pool faster with a robotic pool cleaner, and with advanced technology, modern-day pool cleaners can map out the surface of your pool, cleaning, scrubbing, and vacuuming the pool walls and floor. Our Aquawize robotic pool cleaning range incorporates smart technology and provides the ultimate pool cleaning experience. With caddy included as standard, 18m cable, and a two-year warranty, the Aquawize robot cleaner is pool care, made smart. Save on time, power, water, and pool chemicals. Contact your local Poolwerx to learn more.   3. Pool Lighting Illuminate your pool with an iridescent glow and enjoy summer nights poolside. Warm, balmy summer nights call for a lighting solution that allows you to extend your swimming time into the evenings. Whether you’re building a concrete, fibreglass, or vinyl pool, or simply just looking to upgrade your lights, Poolwerx has a pool lighting solution to bring the wow to your backyard. Contact your local Poolwerx to learn more.   4. Pool Scoop and Brush Did you know that sticks and leaves carry bacteria and if left in the water too long, may cause algae to grow? If left for a prolonged period, it could turn your swimming pool cloudy or green. The ultimate pool accessory and a household necessity, the pool scoop and/or pool brush is a handy tool if you do not have a pool cover or robotic pool cleaner. A scoop is an easy and effective way to skim the debris off the pool surface, whilst the brush is effective in cleaning the pool walls and reducing scum build-up.           5. Pool Minerals The experience of swimming in a mineral pool has been prized over the centuries, in part because it feels incredible, and for its therapeutic qualities. Mineral pools are packed full of benefits and hugely popular in backyards across the country. With the ability to alleviate aches and pains, soothe skin, promote relaxation and improve wellbeing, there are many reasons why we love a magnesium mineral pool. Benefits of a Mineral Pool System: Gentle on skin and eyes Reduces the need for multiple chemicals, saving on time, money, and maintenance If you’re looking to install a new pool or would like to transition your existing pool to a mineral pool, your local Poolwerx can help! For more information on our products, find your nearest Poolwerx and get in touch with an expert! 6. Pool Chemicals For Maintenance: Pool chemicals are essential in keeping your swimming pool clean, healthy, and sparkling, as they keep algae and bacterial growth at bay. This means, no green pools! We stock a wide range of industry-leading chemicals at Poolwerx, such as algaecides, balancers, stabilisers, cleaners, stain removers, spa chemicals, and much more! When it comes to formulating the correct pool chemical mix for your swimming pool, trust an expert. Contact your local Poolwerx today to create a tailored plan for treating your pool and getting it swim-ready ahead of Summer. Find your nearest Poolwerx Conclusion: So there you have it. Whether it’s the Summer breeze blowing leaves into your pool, lighting that allows you to swim into the evenings, or time to convert your pool to mineral - Poolwerx has a solution for creating the ultimate swimming experience in your backyard. Make the Summer of 2021 the best yet. Speak to one of our pool experts today.
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