Local swim clubs offering free lessons to prevent kids drowning

WOREE swim school instructor and mother Christine Jervis made sure her son Max could swim before he could walk. The owner of Focus on Movement is one of a number of instructors getting ahead of Learn2Swim week by offering free lessons for kids under five.

“We’re doing the best we can to teach them how to float, hold their breath, learn safety skills and get to a safe place if they fall in.,” she said.

“I got my son Max (10 months old) swimming young and we encourage all parents that we can make it hands-on and fun so kids aren’t fearful starting out.”

Ms Jervis said kids could start learning to swim from as young as eight weeks old.

Focus on Movement will join C-Me Swim School, ­Tobruk Memorial Pool Li’l Stingers Swim School, Swim Skills and the Waterwise Aquatic Centre.

Ray Pitman from Poolwerx Bentley Park, urged parents to take advantage of the free swimming lessons for their under-fives.

“Last year there were tragically 29 drowning deaths in children aged 0-4 years, with three quarters of these deaths resulting from a fall into the water,” he said.

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