Purchasing a Franchise

The greater your purchasing power, the easier it is to run a competitive and successful business.

Poolwerx Franchise Partners enjoy all the usual benefits of the negotiating and buying power of a national group. However, they also enjoy one additional key benefit: our suppliers don’t simply provide products to Poolwerx Franchise Partners, they partner with our team in every sense of the word.

Through our Partners in Profit program, Poolwerx suppliers provide our Franchise Partners with ongoing training and support, ensuring you have the tools needed to make more sales. Our Partners in Profit make it their priority to ensure that the Poolwerx team are the best trained, best supported and best supplied people in the aftermarket pool and spa care industry. This sets us apart from other franchises in that our suppliers act as an extension of your business. Always just a phone call away, they’re available to speak to you directly and provide you with a fantastic range of products that add great value to your business.

Road to Market Testing

Every Poolwerx product you see in our Franchise Partner’s stores and vehicles goes through a rigorous testing regime called “Road to Marketing” testing. This ensures that the products you stock aren’t just products your clients want – you can also assure those clients that the products on your shelves are high quality, reasonably priced, well-tested and true to their claims.


In the retail space, presentation is everything. The more your clients positively engage and interact with your retail environment, the more likely they are to invest in purchasing from you. Poolwerx maintains high levels of retail and mobile presentation across our Franchise Partners’ businesses. Whether it be ensuring the displays and products in your retail store are on point or providing mobile trucks where everything is neat, tidy and easily-accessible for poolside clients, Poolwerx helps you to deliver a premium shopping experience through bright and colourful retail displays.


Poolwerx carries the best quality range of any pool or spa retailer – and we’re prepared to put our reputation to that fact. To prove that our Road to Market testing program provides products of fantastic quality and value, our Franchise Partners offer free in-home demonstrations for many of our products. A range of demonstrator stock is also available for your retail store to encourage interaction between the clients and your products and ensure that clients go home with the best product for them.

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What Questions Should You Ask When Buying a Franchise? Have you ever thought about buying into a Franchise, but weren't sure where to start? You've come to the right place. Below, we answer the most common questions prospective franchisees have asked the team at Poolwerx over the years. Franchising with Poolwerx: Poolwerx is an award-winning franchise network with more than 25 years’ experience under our belt, in addition to expert advice, our team offers a range of practical and tangible benefits to all our Franchise Partners. Whether you’re considering joining the Poolwerx network with your existing business or you want to start a new business as a Poolwerx Franchise Partner, there are plenty of reasons to choose Poolwerx as your franchise of choice. Our team has years of experience with Franchising and has helped many people like you through their journey when considering joining the Poolwerx brand. Every journey is different and our goal is to help you understand what Poolwerx has to offer to help you determine if Poolwerx is the right fit for you, but likewise if you are the right fit for Poolwerx. Here we answer the top 10 questions to ask before buying a franchise business: How do you determine your territories? We have exclusive marketing areas, which are determined by swimming pool numbers and postcodes. We know that to operate a successful retail store and three mobile service vehicles you need a minimum number of swimming pools per marketing area so we monitor this closely. I have owned my own swimming pool and loved looking after it – do you train me? Yes, we provide full training when you join Poolwerx. Our initial training commences with 40 hours of online tutorials, which is the commencement of a Certificate III in Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance. This is followed by three weeks in-house training, followed by a 12 month Forming Good Habits program once you commence in your franchise. Do you provide finance to purchase a franchise? Most Franchise Partners will need to obtain a loan to purchase their franchised business. Joining a well-established franchise network is often looked at favourably by banks, making it easier to obtain financing. Poolwerx has developed strong relationships with a number of major banks across Australia to help prospective franchisees obtain financing, which we can help facilitate. What happens when I want to sell? Your franchise is yours to sell. Your franchise agreement outlines the requirements for a sale, and the prospective buyer will need to go through our standard recruitment and selection process. What are the fees you charge? We operate on a sliding fee scale which includes service fees and marketing fees based on gross turnover. These fees are performance-based and also consider whether you have a retail shop front. Full details are provided in our Franchise Disclosure Document. How much does it cost to purchase a franchise? The initial investment for a franchise depends on a range of factors, including the marketing area, location and size. Initial investments can range from $110,000 (plus the cost of a van) to over $500,000. Do you provide an Income Guarantee? We don’t provide income guarantees but what we do offer is 25 years of successful franchise partners backed by great margins and profits, systems, training and support. Being an FCA Multi-Award Winning Franchise means our business works and delivers success to those that follow the system. What type of vehicle do I need to operate a Mobile Unit? Your primary vehicle needs to be a Hyundai iLoad van. How long does your recruitment onboarding process take? Once approved, you could be operational in as little as three months. During that time, you will attend our Discovery Day, commence your online training and complete three weeks of in-house training. Your cooperation with the franchising team will ensure your application progresses as quickly as possible. As a franchise partner am I required to operate a retail store? Yes. Everyone who starts with Poolwerx will be expected to transition to a Retail Store. To be successful, it is essential that the franchise partner is personally involved in all aspects of the business. You must be willing and able to perform all sales, technical and management functions which will require a significant time investment. Running a store is a mandatory requirement as part of Poolwerx Franchise Partners' road to success.
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