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According to ‘The Franchise Review’, when it comes to conversion recruitment, we’re leading the way…

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“Poolwerx leads the way”

According to ‘The Franchise Review’, when it comes to conversion recruitment, we’re leading the way in implementing this as a franchise development strategy. Conversion is an opportunity which not only allows unsupported small businesses to join a larger network, but as Franchisors, means we gain a ready-made customer base and Franchise Partners who are experienced within the industry.

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An Entrepreneur’s Secret to Success When John O’Brien was travelling the world looking for a franchise to launch, he was very particular about the type of business he wanted to run. “I was specifically looking for a services industry that already existed, yet had strong growth potential, high gross margins, and most importantly, was totally disorganised,” O’Brien says. During a visit to California in the early ’90s, the Brisbane native noticed that the swimming pool maintenance business was driven by a lot of one-person-and-a-van operations. “I’d finally found my business.”
How to spot a winning franchise Owning a franchise can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you can have. But how do you choose the right franchise for you? How do you spot a winner? Poolwerx founder and CEO, John O'Brien, recently sat down the Franchise Business to talk about how to spot a winning franchise. In this 20 minute podcast, John O'Brien brings his years of passion and experience in franchising to discuss key elements any potential franchise owner should consider. He discusses simple and practical tips you can use to see which business has the highest potential, and digs deeper into the key factors you should look for to spot a winning franchise.