5 New Year's Resolutions for your Pool

As pool owners, we sometimes get in the habit of doing the bare minimum with our pools. We tend to forget that regular pool maintenance can help save more on money, power and chemical purchases. This year, make some New Year’s resolutions to take better care of your swimming pool, keep it safer and enjoy it more!

Replace Pool Equipment

This year create a plan for some specific pool maintenance. For example, when was the last time you had your pool liner replaced? When was the last time you had the sand or media changed in your filter?

Just like homes and cars, swimming pools need regular restoration to stay in top shape. Try to remember that the improvements you make to your swimming pool can save you money in the long run and stress in the short run. Poolwerx has a range of industry leading pumps, filters, chlorinators and heating systems keeps your pool running smoothly without burning a hole in your wallet.

Hit the reset button on your pool care with Poolwerx and kickstart 2019 knowing your pool is safe, clean and running as efficiently as possible with an equipment upgrade. Chat to your local Poolwerx team in store or poolside to find an option to suit you.

Residential pool equipment

Is your Pool Area Safe?

Whether you have kids or not, pool safety should always be paramount. As we’re right in the middle of summer, now is the perfect time to check whether your pool area is safe.

  • Is the fence at least 1.2m tall?
  • Does your pool fence have gaps smaller than 100mm?
  • Does your pool self-latch and self-close?
  • Do you have a CPR chart on your fence?

If you answered no to any of these questions, take the time in January to fix these issues and make your pool area safer for your family.

Another important question to ask yourself is whether there are climbable objects near the pool fence, such as chairs, tables, pot plants and trees? These could be used as ladders to climb over the fence.

Make your pool greener

We’re not talking about making your pool water green – we mean environmentally green. The ongoing energy costs of owning a swimming pool can be significant for some owners.

  • Variable speed pump: Multi-speed and variable-speed pumps are often more efficient and use less energy as they can operate at a lower speed for filtration and a higher speed for pool cleaning equipment. Using variable speed pumps custom programmed to your pool’s cleaning, filtration and sanitation requirements will save you hundreds of dollars per year on your energy bills compared to a traditional fixed-speed pump.
  • Solar Pool Heating: Solar water heating is more cost-effective than a gas water heater as pool owners are using the heat from the sun. The pump circulates pool water through the heated panels on the roof and then returns warmer water to the pool until the chosen temperature is reached. The rise in temperature will be on average 2 to 5 degrees F for each circulation of water through the solar system. Remember, to take full advantage of the solar panels, they must be positioned correctly to receive as much full sun exposure as possible. Poolwerx has a range of solar pool heating to suit your pool, take a look at our range of pool pumps or pool heating equipment.
  • LED lights: LED lights not only look great, but they can help save on your electricity expenses. Chat to your local Poolwerx team about the LED light range available.

cleaning pool with rake

Make it cleaner

Regular pool maintenance will not only help keep your pool in top shape all year, it can also help keep maintenance costs down. Some simple ways to make your pool cleaner in 2019 include:

  • Look after your garden: Take the time to trim the trees and bushes around your pool. It will help control the number of branches and leaves from falling into the water.
  • New pool cleaner: Whether you’re looking for robotic pool cleaners or suction pool cleaners, the right product can take the time and hassle out of cleaning your pool. Your local Poolwerx can help you decide which pool cleaner is the right choice for your pool and can also assist with the installation of the pool cleaner and ongoing service too. We stock pool cleaners from renowned brands which will leave your pool looking sparkling and healthy.

Test Your Pool’s Water Every Fortnight

Start the year on the right foot by getting your pool water tested every fortnight. This is particularly important through summer when you’re using your pool more frequently. Sunscreen, sweat and other oils can unbalance your pool’s water and turn your pool cloudy or even green if left untreated.

Bring your water sample into your nearest Poolwerx for a free 60 second water test.

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