5 Reasons to Use a Pool Cover Year-Round

One of the simplest ways to save money on your pool is to invest in a pool cover. Some pool owners only use their pool cover during the cooler months, but there are plenty of advantages for using them throughout the whole year. See our top money and time saving reasons below.

Reduce water usage

Evaporation occurs year-round, but your pool loses water at a faster rate in summer due to the extra heat. A pool cover will block excess heat from reaching the water and also trap moisture, so it doesn’t evaporate into the air. This can help reduce your water bill as you won’t have to refill your pool as often.

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Keeps leaves and debris out of the water

It can be an endless battle scooping leaves, bugs and other debris out of your pool each week. To make matters worse, if leaves and other debris are left in the water, algae may begin to grow. This could cause your pool to become cloudy and create a chemical imbalance. How can you help keep debris out of your pool? A pool cover!

Our Poolwerx technicians can provide you with the pool cover to best suit your pool and your budget.

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Keeps heat in the pool

Keeping your pool covered will help reduce heat loss. When the temperature drops overnight, it will usually reduce the temperature of the pool water. However, a pool cover will retain the heat and may even keep it warm enough to swim in the next day, meaning you will save money and electricity by not using your heating system as often.


Reduce chemical usage

Chemicals are used to restore your pool back to a healthy state when debris, leaves and even rain can cause an imbalance in your pool water. However, if you have a pool cover protecting your pool from this debris, it means you pool will stay cleaner for longer.

While pool covers do not replace chemicals, it can cut down on the amount of chemicals you will need to keep your pool clean.


Less time on maintenance

What would you rather do, clean your pool or relax in it? Without leaves and other debris falling in the pool it means you’ll have to spend less time vacuuming it and if there’s less evaporation, it means you won’t need to refill the pool as much or use as many chemicals to re-balance the pool.

If you’re interested in a pool cover, but not sure where to start, our team of certified technicians can help find the pool cover to suit your needs and budget. View our pool cover product range, or find your nearest Poolwerx and give a call today.  Alternatively, enter your details below and we’ll contact you with some further information.

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