5 Pool Supplies Every Owner Should Have

Whether you use your pool once a day or once a month, there are a few must-have pool supplies all pool owners should have. Not only will these supplies help your pool stay clean, it will help keep your maintenance costs down.

Check out our top 5 pool supplies below

Pool Brush and Scoop

When leaves and debris fall into your pool, the risk of algae growth becomes much higher, meaning your pool can become cloudy or green. As a result, you will need to spend time and money to rebalance your pool.

Regularly scooping and brushing your pool will help reduce the rate of algae growth and keep your pool looking clearer and healthier. Give you pool a quick scoop and brush once a week to keep your pool looking its best.

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Poolwerx Algae Brush

Poolwerx Deluxe Leaf Scoop

Pool Cover

There are numerous benefits to investing in a pool cover which can save you both time and money year-round:

  • Pool covers will stop leaves, debris and bugs from getting into your pool water, meaning it will stay cleaner for longer
  • A cover will reduce water evaporation, meaning you will not have to fill up your pool as often and save on heating costs
  • A cover may also reduce chemical usage as there will be less water evaporation.

Our Poolwerx technicians can provide you with the pool cover to best suit your pool and your budget.

solar pool cover

solid pool cover

Sun shining on crystal clear pool

Maxi clear tablets

Do you want you pool to sparkle?? Maxi Clear Tablets are a simple and effective way to bring the sparkle back to your pool.  After backwashing the filter, simply drop one Maxi Clear Tablet into the skimmer box, it will help the filter catch much finer particles and make your pool shimmer.

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Shock Pack

Shocking your pool can help keep your pool clean and algae-free. How? This process is simply adding extra chlorine to your pool to ‘shock’ the water and kill any algae, germs and debris that’s in the water.

There are several reasons your pool could have low chlorine levels:

  • Prolonged sun exposure will burn up chlorine
  • Sunscreen, sweat and dog hair can bring in extra contaminants
  • Rain can dilute the pool water, reducing the chlorine levels

While regular chlorine levels will eliminate most algae, shocking your pool will give that extra boost of chlorine when the water needs it and bring it back to a healthy chlorine level.

Water sample bottle

One of the simplest ways to keep your pool healthy is to test your pool water every fortnight or every week during the heavy usage periods. Regular water testing allows you to pick up any imbalances or issues quickly before they become a bigger issue that will cost more money to fix.

Poolwerx offers 60 second water tests to all clients to make it as easy as possible to keep your pool healthy. Find your nearest Poolwerx to organise your next 60 second water test.

With the weather heating up, now is the time to stock up on your must-have pool supplies to ensure your pool is swim-ready all summer long.

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