Pool Covers

Pool covers keep rain, dirt and debris out of your pool, maintain your pool’s temperature and prevents the evaporation of your water. If you’re unsure what size or type of pool cover you need, your local Poolwerx can help you decide and assist with the installation of your pool cover as well. Pool covers:

  • Reduce your energy costs
  • Reduce the amount of water you’re using
  • Reduce the time you spend on pool maintenance

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Quality Pool Cover Range

We have a range of high quality automatic and manual pool covers from leading brands, including thermal pool covers, leaf and debris covers, solar pool covers and winter covers. Whether you’re looking for a new or replacement pool cover for an in-ground or above ground swimming pool, we have a quality product to suit.

daisy pool cover


  • Premium Range
  • Cost Effective Range
  • Thermotech™ Foam Range
  • Winterkleen Mesh Range

abgal pool cover


  • Oasis Pool Covers
  • Triple Cell Pool Covers
  • Heatshield Thermal Pool Blanket
  • Pooltex Winter Pool Cover

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What to look for when buying a pool cover:

The right pool cover for you will depend on the size and type of pool you have, as well as the location of your pool.

Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers are released by a flip of a switch, making it easy and convenient to protect your pool. These retractable pool blankets keep your pool clean and healthy, and provide additional safety by preventing children or pets from falling into the pool. 

Hidden Pool Covers

Pool covers can be stored within a pool cover roller, which can be hidden and concealed from view. This keeps your pool area looking neat and stylish. HIdden pool covers can be either automatic or manual, and roll directly onto the water to protect your pool. 

Your pool cover should be custom made to fit your pool. Poolwerx has worked with pools of all shapes and sizes and would be happy to help you choose a pool cover that is perfect for you. Find your nearest Poolwerx and receive expert advice to find the best pool cover for you. 

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