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As part of our commitment to Franchise Partners, Poolwerx recently hosted an exploration tour to the United States for a contingent of our top performing Australian Franchise Partners. The group, who visited a some of the top Poolwerx businesses in the US, now have expectations that more than 10 percent of Australian Franchise Partners can achieve a turnover of more than $3 million within the next five years.

Showing Opportunity

Australian COO Andrew Kidd, who initiated the trip, says 50 percent of its American network generated between $3 million and $8 million turnover and the visit proved to the group that they can reach a similar scale in Australia.

“This was an inaugural trip to leverage our power as an international brand and give our Australian Franchise Partners more insight into the enormity of the industry and how they can harness it,” he says.

“Our Partners in the US are large and most have been in the industry for decades, prior to converting to Poolwerx, so they have an immense amount of business management skill to share and we wanted to tap into that expertise.”

Focus on Strategic Drivers

The trip has shown our Franchise Partners how a multi-million-dollar operation needs to be led and managed.

“Our Australian Franchise Partners saw how staffing could be scaled and controlled. They realised decisions should be based on data not emotion, and that utilising our model’s proprietary financial systems to its full capacity is imperative to being able to achieve this. Overall, they took away how vital it was for them to focus on the strategic direction of the business, and accurately understand how to measure business profitability,” said Kidd.

Malcolm Price, owner of the Turramurra franchise in NSW, which is Poolwerx’ best performer, says the trip was invaluable in helping confirm his long-term business goals.

“Visiting our business in the US really broadened the lens at which I look at my business and gave me a moment to distil what is possible and what is important to me,” he says.

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