How to Fix a Cloudy Pool After Rain

Heavy rain, cyclones and flooding can have many negative effects on your swimming pool. That’s why when storms hit, your pool needs extra care to ensure it’s safe and healthy. If your pool has turned cloudy after a rainstorm, consider visiting your local Poolwerx to pick up some Vitalyse Crystal Clear and follow this guide to get your pool back to health.


Fixing a Cloudy Pool

Before beginning any post-rain  storm pool cleaning, ensure you do the following:

  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets. If you don’t the accumulated debris in the pool will clog the baskets and reduce the flow of water.
  • Remove large debris and leaves from the water. They will influence the water chemistry of the pool and potentially stain your pool’s surface.
  • Test your pool water. Your local Poolwerx offers free water testing, and can provide personal recommendations to bring your pool back to health.

If you can’t see the pool floor (but your water is non-green in colour), then you have a cloudy pool. Always check your filter before beginning treatment of your cloudy pool, and visit your local Poolwerx for a free water test.

Vitalyse Crystal Clear

Vitalyse Crystal Clear is a quality pool clarifier that is easy to apply and can give you a cleaner and clearer pool. It works by catching the tiny particles making your pool water cloudy and grouping them together to create larger particles. This makes them easier for your filter collect and remove.

If your pool water is cloudy because your water has been diluted your chlorine, salt or minerals, consider using Vitalyse Crystal Clear in conjunction with a shock treatment. After heavy rain, we often recommend Vitalyse Shock n Swim Plus to get your pool back on track.

vitalyse crystal clear

Request a Service

If you need some help with your pool after a rainstorm, request a service today and our fully qualified technicians can help!

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