Which Pool Cover is Right for You?

What kind of pool cover is the correct choice for your pool? In this post, we’ll go through the options you should consider when looking to purchase a cover.

Having the right pool cover can save you time and money. How much you are willing to spend, how you want it to look, the shape of your pool, and whether your pool is new or an existing pool, are factors to keep in mind when making your decision. Depending on what type of pool you have, one of these four types of pool covers is the right one for you.

Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers are released by a flip of a switch which makes it easy and convenient for the pool owner. They provide the best protection for keeping children and pets safe around the pool.They are the most expensive option but in the long run it saves you a lot of money. This cover prevents heat loss which means your heating bill will not be through the roof. It also keeps debris out of the pool so you will not have to run your filtration system as often and reduces the amount of chemicals needed to keep your pool clean. Additionally it reduces water evaporation, so there is no need to keep refilling your pool and increasing your water bill.

There are different options for how to hide your automatic pool cover and what types of tracks you use for the cover. A low profile aluminum lid can be mounted on your pool deck that hides the cover inside of it. Another option is a flat lid, which is similar to the aluminum lid except it is is level with the pool deck. The flush deck lid is installed when the pool is built and goes around your whole pool. Lastly, there are stone and concrete lids. These are the most discrete lids designed to look like your pool deck and are nearly invisible.

The type of track also plays a role in how hidden your automatic pool cover is. Under Track System, Recessed Top Track System, and Deckmount System are the three types of track systems you can choose from. The shape of your pool factors into whether an automatic pool cover is even an option for you. Automatic pool covers are mostly used for rectangular pools but it is possible to use it for shaped pools. It is easiest to install an automatic pool cover when a shaped pool is being built.

automatic pool cover

Manual Pool Covers

A manual pool cover is a two-person crank and pulley system. A cover roll is installed at one end of the pool with a hand crank. The cover wraps around this cover roll when you crank the handle. When you want to put your cover on the pool two people walk along the side of the pool while pulling the cover with them from the corners. It is best for custom shaped pools. This type of cover is used a lot for pools that need protection but aren’t used very often. It provides the same savings benefits as the automatic pool cover for a fraction of the price. The difference is that you have to put the cover on yourself instead of just flipping a switch. This cover is also not discrete like the automatic pool cover. It is easy to install, but it is quite bulky.

pool blanket

Solar Pool Cover

Also known as a bubble cover, this is a thin cover that has air bubbles all over it and is the least expensive option. It absorbs heat from the sunlight and is able to heat your pool up to eight degrees. Installation is very simple and once the cover is measured and cut to the shape of your pool it is ready for use. It helps to minimize the amount of dirt and debris that get in your pool. Many pool owners use a cover roller with this type of cover to make it easier to put on and take off the pool. A cover roller isn’t necessary though. An important fact to know is that these covers cannot withstand the weight of a small child, so it is important to take other safety precautions in order to prevent a dangerous situation

solar pool cover

Solid and Mesh Pool Covers

These are the most common pool covers for closed pool season. They are cost-effective, provide great protection, and keeps debris out of the pool. Anchor points must be installed around the pool area for the cover. These anchor points are very small and not very noticeable. This is a great cover for closing your pool because it reduces effective sunlight which limits the growth of algae. Limiting the growth of algae reduces the cost and amount of cleaning that often takes place when reopening your pool. This type of cover can not be easily taken on and off which is why it is not good for everyday use but great to close your pool with.


solid and mesh pool covers

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