Pool and Spa School

Pool cleaning and maintenance made easy. Learn basic steps for maintaining your pool or spa on a regular basis with training from your local Poolwerx service technician.

How to clean and maintain your pool

Cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool or spa can be a daunting process. That’s why Poolwerx offers a customised training service specifically designed for new and existing pool owners and tenants.

Comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow, our Pool and Spa School teaches you a simple preventative maintenance and cleaning routine so you can keep your pool or spa in pristine condition. With a broad range of training programs designed for every level of ownership, finding the right one for you couldn’t be easier. Whether you are new to pool or spa ownership, require familiarisation with a new piece of equipment or simply need a refresher course on maintenance and routine care, Poolwerx can help. Our training programs are also suitable for property managers and tenants.

Sign up for our Pool and Spa School today to gain invaluable knowledge and be confident you know how to keep your pool or spa clean and healthy during the swim season!

Training Overview:

Duration – 1 hour

Course Curriculum:

  • Comprehensive overview of all pool equipment
  • Information on the importance of healthy water
  • Information on proper use and storage of pool chemicals
  • Detailed safety instructions

Your local Poolworx service technician will provide this training at your home or premises.

Poolwerx pool technician and pool owner in front of pool