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Hot Savings of up to $1400 on Insnrg Heating

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Prepare your swimming pool for Winter with 10% off Insnrg heaters – perfect compliment to your swimming pool! Jumping into your pool any time of year is always possible with Insnrg heating.

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Insnrg Hi Heat Pump

The Insnrg heat pump range utilises Inverter Technology to ensure maximum energy efficiency. Using this technology, the speed of the compressor and fan are altered to reduce the heat up time and prevent over-shooting your pool’s temperature goal. Not only does this reduces your energy consumption, it also does so extremely quietly! For each kW of power used, 11kW of heat is produced for your pool. Insnrg’s Hi Heat Pump has an advanced touch screen thermostat to give you complete control.

Insnrg GI Gas Heater

The Insnrg Gi Gas Heater can heat your swimming pool in as little as 8 hours, or your spa in 30 minutes. Insnrg Gas Heaters leave a small footprint due to a double row heat exchanger, yet still achieve high efficiency.

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