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Get a pool health check

Is your pool in top shape?

Safety Check

Poolwerx Filter Health Check


Would your pool pass a safety inspection?

Your local Poolwerx can provide safety inspections of your pool setup to ensure it’s safe for swimming. Download our free Pool Safety Checklist to get a headstart on ensuring your pool abides by Australian regulations.

Putting an end to child drownings is of paramount importance to us, as well as any adverse incidents around the swimming pool. We want to ensure every pool we come in contact with is safe for everyone to enjoy.

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Filter Degreaser

VITALYSE Filter cleaner & Degreaser


Is your filter functioning at 100% of its capacity?

Filter degreaser removes oils, debris, and other unwanted dirt build up to produce great filtration efficiency. By eliminating pressure build up, you’ll extend the life of your filter!

Improve the filtration efficiency of your pool filter with filter degreaser. Ensure your investment receives the best possible care and save money in the long run via continuous care.

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Sand Change

Pouring sand into pool filter


How long has it been since you changed the sand in your filter?

Over time, sand particles become smoother due to the constant debris that passes through. This means that your system will need to run more frequently, costing you more in the long term.

Your local Poolwerx can assist you in determining whether your filter needs a sand change and replacing it if necessary. We stock industry-leading products to ensure your filter sand is the best available.

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