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Pool Filter FAQs

Why do I need to check my filter?

If you’ve just had a big summer in your pool, chances are your pool filter has been working overtime to keep your pool healthy. In order to avoid major issues with your filter, it’s important to check it regularly.

Whether your filter requires cleaning, a media replacement or it’s time to upgrade your old filter, your local Poolwerx can assist with ensuring your pool is running at its optimal level year-round.

How do filters work?

When pool water is circulated into the filter, it becomes cleaned after small debris and particles are removed. The clean water then returns to the pool, or via the heater first depending on if the owner has one.

What does a pool filter do?

The purpose of the pool filter is the removal of debris so that algae and other harmful bacteria have as little chance of growth as possible. Filters are therefore an essential aspect of any swimming pool to ensure you can safely enjoy each and every swim.

Should I get a sand or cartridge filter?

Both kinds of filters have their benefits, and the filter you should get will depend on your individual circumstances.

Sand filters are the most commonly used in Australia and require minimal maintenance. Debris caught in the filter essentially clog up the sand, which requires clearing through a backwash. Sand filter are simple to operate and maintain.

Cartridge filters require less energy and water flow to filter pool water. They do not require backwashing – they are simply replaced when they become dirty or blocked.

Your local Poolwerx can help you decide which filter will suit you and your pool.

Want more information?

Your local Poolwerx can help you learn more about filtration and these limited time offers. Talk to us today!