Training and Development subsidy for LJ Hooker

What is the Subsidy?

We provide your LJ Hooker Branch with a Training and Development Subsidy, to support the ongoing training and development of your team by offering an additional monthly revenue stream to compliment your rent roll profitability. This will benefit both your Property Management and Sales Departments.

Benefits to you

As your agency’s preferred pool maintenance partner, we interrupt the negative, turn it into a positive and take a world of grief off your property management and sales agent shoulders.

Poolwerx can also offer your Real Estate Business and your clients:

✔️ Swimming Pool Handover Booklets for your sellers, buyers, tenants and landlords.

✔️ Pool Safety Certificates for your sellers and landlords [subject to locality]

✔️ Providing customisable materials for your clients welcome pack, such as CPR and fact sheets

✔️ Pre-sale/lease inspections for your buyers/sellers/landlords.

✔️ Ensuring pools and spas are at their best for the photoshoots and during your sales/leasing campaign.

✔️ Advice to Salespeople & Property Managers on how to field questions during the sales/leasing process.

✔️ Facilitating “handovers” to new buyers or tenants.

✔️ Gift Certificates for new homeowners.

How it Works

Step 1 – Your local Poolwerx Franchise Partner provides a service agreement for your office with a cost-effective, risk-mitigating ongoing service and maintenance plan for your Landlords and Sellers pools.

Step 2 – At the start of each month or quarter, you provide Poolwerx Head Office at, a combined total value of all the invoiced work you’ve issued to Poolwerx for the previous month/quarter.

Step 3 – Poolwerx Head Office confirm the total invoiced work for that month/quarter.

Step 4 – Your office is issued the Poolwerx Training & Development Subsidy in a dollar sum, as a % of this invoiced work.

Step 5 – You allocate this within your business for staff training, incentives & rewards.