Test & Treat

Comprehensive Water Test + Water Treatment + Essential Tasks

Treat your pool!

Stay inside while our fully certified technician comes to you! Includes a comprehensive poolside water test, the delivery & application of chemicals, emptying skimmer baskets, equipment check and visual pool inspection.

Have questions about our ‘Test & Treat’ service? Contact your local Poolwerx.

test & treat

Convenient & Safe

You request a ‘Test & Treat’ service online

We call you to confirm & finalise specifics

We come to you & perform a water test

We treat your pool with the required chemicals

Test & Treat FAQ

What happens in a test & treat?

After you fill in the form above to request a test & treat service, we’ll contact you to confirm any special requests. Our fully certified pool technician will then come to you at an agreed upon time, and conduct the following:

  1. A comprehensive poolside water test, including the application of chemicals as required by the water test
  2. Empty skimmer baskets
  3. Perform an equipment check, checking for proper operation and any leaks.
  4. Final visual pool inspection

What measures are you taking to ensure 'Test & Treat' is contact-free?

We understand the importance of keeping your home sanitised and that’s why we’ve increased our sanitisation measures. Our technicians are taking extra precautions to ensure a contact-free service surrounding your home. This includes cleaning entry points (eg. gate latches) upon entry and exits if you’ve requested your delivery placed behind a fence.

As government advice changes, we will continue to follow guidelines and change our processes in accordance with these. Ensuring healthy pools and the safety of our clients and team members is our priority, so please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Why is it important to test my pool water?

It’s important to test your pool water to determine if your pool has the correct chlorine and pH levels to kill bacteria and viruses within your pool. By testing your water, you can determine what your pool needs to keep it balanced and healthy. If you simply add chemicals without testing your water first, your water may be come unbalanced and unhealthy.