The Product of the Month for November is Shock and Swim Plus! Shock and Swim Plus rapidly gives your pool crystal clear water.

Shock N Swim Plus

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Make your pool water crystal clear!

Shock and Swim Plus is a speciality shock treatment which gives your pool rapid crystal clear water. Shock N Swim Plus is used to remove swimmer wastes and destroy any organic contaminants in the water. Regular oxidation will keep the pool crystal clear. Shock N Swim Plus is designed for fresh and salt water pools and is a blend of Stabilised chlorine and selected clarifiers which is applied through the skimmer box.

Stock up now to keep your pool crystal clear all summer long!

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Wireless Speaker & Light Show

Bring the party to your pool!

The Pool Systems Wireless Speaker & Underwater Light Show is a fantastic addition for anyone who loves spending time in their pool over summer – especially if they entertain and throw pool parties. Bring the entertainment to your backyard this staycation!

This quality, waterproof, rechargeable, floating Bluetooth speaker is easy to use and will play music from your phone! It floats in your pool and synchronises the music with a light show.

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