Top Pool Heating Benefits

Are you on the fence about whether to install pool heating? There are plenty of ways your lifestyle (and wallet!) can benefit from a pool heating system. Here’s our top reasons for why you should consider it.

Use your pool year-round

This is one of the biggest reasons pool owners invest in a pool heating system. Adding a heater to your swimming pool helps you extend the swimming season so you can enjoy a swim at the perfect temperature whenever you want.

If you’re concerned about pool heating costing you more, there are energy efficient options that can help keep ongoing costs low. Solar pool heating is one of the best ways to save money on energy costs. Solar pool heating uses the energy from the sun to heat your pool. On a sunny day, solar pool heating can produce up to 4 times the heat energy of a heat pump or gas.

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It’s durable

Pool heating systems require very little maintenance. By having your pool regularly serviced, your technician can ensure the system is kept in working order, no matter what season it is. Take a look at our blog ‘How regular pool services can save you big’ to see why regular pool services are so important.

Make the most of your investment

Your pool is a significant financial investment, so why let it sit there unused for half of the year? Enhancing the pool with a heater means that you can use it more and optimise the investment you made into your pool. It may also add value to your property if you decide to sell in the future. Buyers are more likely to purchase a property with a pool they can use throughout the year, rather than just in the warmer months.

Keeps you fit and healthy year-round

Swimming is a great form of exercise, and what could be more enjoyable than doing laps or partaking in water aerobics in a warm pool. What’s more, for those with joint problems or injuries, swimming provides a low-impact alternative that is gentle on the body.

Control your pool remotely!

Many of the heating systems available have smart features. These features include controlling your pool from your smart phone or tablet. Meaning, you can set your heater to turn on a certain time, no matter where you are, and it will be the perfect temperature when you’re ready to dive in. Plus, it will save you money on electricity costs as you’re only using the heater when you need it – winning! To find out more about these products, take a look at our range.

Want more information?

If you’d like to find out more about a heating solution for your swimming pool, we can help!

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