Poolwerx Featured on HOME in WA

Poolwerx was recently featured on popular Western Australia home ideas TV series HOME in WA. The lovely Dominique Pratt took viewers through our top five tips for preventing winter neglect for your pool.

Ensure your pool is in beautiful and healthy condition so that you can enjoy come spring time with these tips:

1 – Test your water regularly
“You should test your own water every two weeks, and take a sample into Poolwerx for testing about every four weeks” said Pratt.

“They use the latest and most accurate water testing technology that takes only 60 seconds.”

2 – Use a winter algaecide
“Think about getting yourself a winter algaecide to prevent bacteria and algae growth in those chilly months.”

3 – Manage your pool pump operation 
“Reduce your pool pump operation time and switch your timer to off-peak tariffs.”

4 – Use a pool cover
“It’s also a good idea to get a pool cover, to reduce running costs.”

5 – Give us a call
“Give Poolwerx a call to arrange a winter maintenance schedule to suit your needs. It really is important to keep your pool healthy and to make sure it doesn’t go green this winter.”

Look out for Laure Lawrence and some of his tiny friends reminding us that even though winter is here, anytime is a good time to learn Kids Alive Do the Five. Remember: fence the pool, shut the gate, teach your kids to swim (it’s great), supervise (watch your mate) and learn how to resuscitate.

To watch the whole Home in WA segment from 4th of July 2015 click here.
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