Work smarter, not harder, with the Aquawize Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Aquawize Robotic Pool Cleaner range is the latest in pool care and maintenance. With innovative features like advanced filtration and intuitive navigation, the Aquawize range will save you time and money with a clean you’ll come to depend on.

Two filters are better than one

The Aquwize’s multi-layered filtration feature acts as a second filter for your pool. It collects debris from the floor and the surface, reducing the stress on your pool pump and providing you with a sparkling swimming experience.

Aquawize Robotic Pool Cleaner

A cleaner that knows your pool

With intuitive navigation the Aquawize Robotic Cleaner will map out the layout of your pool’s floor, walls and waterline. Ensuring no spot goes unnoticed and no unnecessary cleaning, resulting in an efficient clean every time.

How much could you save?

With environmentally sustainable technology, the Aquawize Robotic Pool Cleaner can reduce your energy consumption. Its superior cleaning capabilities will save you money and water and will improve your pool’s water quality. To top it all off, the Aquawize will save you countless hours of pool cleaning and maintenance. You should be cleaning your pool at least once a week, let the Aquawize take care of cleaning so you can spend more time enjoying your pool.

A clean you can rely on

The Aquawize range is made out of high quality materials and components providing a reliable clean when you need it. You’ll come to depend on the convenience that Aquawize has to offer as you enjoy your pool when it suits you.

Aquawize Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aquawize Robotic Pool Cleaner

For a limited time only, you can learn how an Aquawize Robotic Pool Cleaner can benefit you and your pool with a FREE Poolside demo and receive $150 in-store credit when you make a purchase!

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