How to Fix a Green Pool After Rain

With heavy rainfall, the chemicals in your pool can become unbalanced; your pH levels altered and your chlorine, salt and mineral content diluted. In addition, leaves, dirt and algae spores get delivered into your pool water and can decompose, causing phosphates to be deposited into your water. Combined with sunlight, these conditions are perfect for algae and other contaminants to grow and affect the health of your pool, turning it green overnight.

If your pool has turned green after a rainstorm, it could be because there is algae growing in your pool water. If this is the case, consider visiting your local Poolwerx for a free water test and pick up some Vitalyse Poly Plus Algaecide. Alternatively, if you’d like some professional help, we also offer a Green to Clean Pool Service.

Fixing a Green Pool

Before beginning any post-rain  storm pool cleaning, ensure you do the following:

  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets. If you don’t the accumulated debris in the pool will clog the baskets and reduce the flow of water.
  • Remove large debris and leaves from the water. They will influence the water chemistry of the pool and potentially stain your pool’s surface.
  • Test your pool water. Your local Poolwerx offers free water testing, and can provide personal recommendations to bring your pool back to health.

Vitalyse Poly Plus Algaecide

This works in conjunction with your chlorine, salt and minerals to quickly and more effectively kill the algae in your pool, bringing your pool back from green to clean.

Tips on using Vitalyse Poly Plus Algaecide

  1. Clean your pool up first. Organic material in the pool consumes algaecide, making it less effective.
  2. Make sure you run your filter with the algaecide. This helps to disperse the algaecide and remove the suspended matter. Algaecides have little impact on stagnant water.
  3. Never overdose your pool. Read and follow instructions on the label, and visit your local Poolwerx for a free water test to determine what dosage you should use. 

poly plus algaecide

Request a Service

If you need some help with your pool after a rainstorm, request a service today and our fully qualified technicians can help!

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