5 Filtration Myths - Busted!

When it comes to Filtration, there’s a lot of different information but not all of it is correct. The one thing you should be clear on is that to maintain equipment and pool water health you need to ensure you have the right filtration solutions for your pool.

Here we listed the top 5 pool filtration myths:

A clear pool is a healthy pool

Clear pool water doesn’t always mean it’s healthy. Harmful bacteria and viruses can be present in your pool but aren’t visible to the naked eye. So, it’s important for both your pool’s health and your own to have your water tested as this will show if your clear pool has the wrong pH levels or low chlorine.

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Filtration does not affect water health and pH balance

If you’re not using the right filtration for your pool this will have a serious impact on your water’s pH levels and overall water health. By properly filtering your pool’s water you are keeping the water moving which avoids pockets of dissolved solids or pH fluctuation. It’s also important to note, that a good filter can also reduce the amount of chlorine required in the pool, which is a cost saving.

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Pool chemicals are all the same

The saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’, and this is certainly true when it comes to pool chemicals. With so many options available, it’s important to be aware of what fillers are being added to your chemicals. A good example is Chlorine, which can be made cheaply with poor-quality raw products and inferior heating, cooling and drying equipment. With the increasing use of by-products in chemical production, your cheap pool chemicals may save you money, but won’t be doing an adequate job when it comes to your pool and may also result in some unwanted reactions from the water.

Vitalyse Algaecides

At Poolwerx, we fine-tune our chemicals so they perform better and have fewer by-products. This, in turn, benefits your health, the health of your pool and your pool running costs.

You don’t need to clean your pool filter

Not cleaning your filter media – cartridges or sand, can lead to some serious pool issues. If your filter is dirty, it means there is decreased filtration which will result in an increased risk of algae. A dirty filter can also strain your pump as it tries to push water through a clogged filter which shortens the lifespan of the filter itself and can lead to you having to replace it sooner.

To learn more about cleaning your filter, check out our blog.

All Sand is the Same

When is comes to sand, there are two types – sand that is a by-product or waste material from things like glass manufacturing and sand that is designed specifically for water filtration media. If you need to replace the sand in your filter, then it’s important that you choose a sand that has the ability to ensure a high level of performance within the filtration process. If choosing an inferior sand, then its capability can produce poor quality and effect filtration.

If you want to learn more about filtration for your pool, contact one of our qualified technicians who will be able to advise the best solutions for your pool.

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