What to expect from your first Poolwerx service

When booking a pool service with a pool professional, it’s important that you know exactly what they assess to ensure you’re getting value for your money. Do they do more than just test the water and throw in a few chemicals?

When you book a service with Poolwerx, the technician will do a complete assessment of the entire pool area, from the fence to the filter. Look at what you can expect from your first pool service.

Poolwerx technician and client at pool pump

Measure the volume of the pool

This is one of the most important steps as it will determine the quantity of chemicals your pool requires. If you are using too many or not enough chemicals, your pool water will not be balanced correctly and will not only affect the appearance of your pool water, but also impact the health of those who swim in the pool (e.g. ear infections, red and itchy eyes, green hair).

Test the pool water

Your technician will use their WaterLink Spin to test the pool water. This equipment tests for Free chlorine, total chlorine, alkalinity, pH, hardness, copper, iron and stabilizer in 60 seconds. The technician calculates from these readings the exact dosages of chemicals your pool needs to remain at a healthy state.

Scoop & sweep

Every pool service consists of a thorough scoop and sweep. Your technician will scoop leaves and debris out of the pool, brush the pool walls and floor to remove algae and then vacuum to remove all remaining debris, dirt and algae.

Clean out skimmer and pump baskets

If your skimmer box is not emptied regularly, leaves and debris can build up and block the filter, meaning your pool is not being cleaned as well as it could be. An empty skimmer and pump basket is one of the simplest ways to keep your pool cleaner for longer.

Skimmer Box

Equipment checks

All equipment will be listed and thoroughly checked over including:

  • Pool pump
  • Robotic/suction cleaner
  • Chlorinator
  • Sand/Cartridge/Media filter
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pool brush/Scoop/Vac Head
  • Heating system
  • Pool cover

Your technician will provide recommendations on any repairs or replacement that is required.

Pool safety check

As part of our commitment to backyard pool safety, our technicians will also inspect the pool area for any safety hazards.

  • Does the pool gate self-close and latch?
  • Are CPR instructions displayed in the pool area?
  • Are there any climbable objects close to the fence?

If there are any pool safety issues, our team will share these with you as well.

child climbing fence


During your first visit, Poolwerx conduct a complete assessment of your pool area to ensure your pool is working as efficiently as possible. Whether you’re looking for a one-off service or for someone to look after your pool on a regular basis, Poolwerx can help. Find your nearest Poolwerx today.

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