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As leading experts in the pool cleaning industry, we know a thing or two about looking after your pool or hot tub / spa! Enjoy the benefits of our expertise, research and testing with veteran advice from our technicians, brand specialists, training experts and partner brands.

Is energy efficient equipment worth it? Expert Advice 5 mins read Is energy efficient equipment worth it? Looking for ways to save money on electricity and water, as well as help out the environment? It can be as simple as updating your pool equipment! Certain types and models of pool equipment can make a major difference when it comes to power consumption and water usage. Check out our top 3 reasons to get energy efficient equipment below, so you can decide if it’s worth investing in energy efficient equipment for your pool.  Read More
4 Reasons More Swimmers Equals More Pool Maintenance How-To's read 4 Reasons More Swimmers Equals More Pool Maintenance You may find that maintaining your pool is quite simple once you know what chemicals and equipment are required, but what happens when there are more people swimming in your pool than normal? A higher bather load (i.e. number of swimmers) can have a significant effect on your pool’s maintenance requirements. If you know your pool is going to be used more frequently during the warmer months, take a look below at some of the possible scenarios you may come across and how these can be avoided. Read More
Pool costing you more than it should? Expert Advice read Pool costing you more than it should? Did you know your pool can lose more than 10,000 L of water per month, just by evaporation? When your pool water evaporates, not only do you lose water, you also lose the chemicals in the water. This costs you more money and time to fill the pool, and balance its chemistry to keep it healthy. Pool covers prevent evaporation, saving you money on water, salt and chemicals and energy! If you don’t have one already, your pool is probably costing more than it should. Read More
Your Next Vacation Could Be Closer Than You Think Expert Advice 3-4 mins read Your Next Vacation Could Be Closer Than You Think With summer just around the corner, have you thought about what you and your family are going to be doing over the holidays? Planning a holiday can be stressful, time-consuming and let’s face it, expensive! But if you have a pool, why not consider a ‘staycation’ for your next break. The idea of a staycation is that, instead of jumping on a plane to a far-off location for your next holiday, you stay home and enjoy all your amenities on your doorstep. This type of holiday has a number of benefits, especially if you have a pool. Read More
Top reasons to have your pool equipment checked Expert Advice 2-3 mins read Top reasons to have your pool equipment checked When was the last time you had a pool care professional look at your pool equipment? If your pool use has been limited, now is the time to check whether any pool equipment needs to be replaced. Some signs that equipment may need to be repaired include excessive backwashing and poor water quality. If you are using the correct amount of chemicals, but your water is still not clear, it could be your pool pump, filter or chlorinator that needs replacing. There are a range of benefits to have a pool care professional regularly check your pool equipment. Take a look at our top reasons below! Read More