April Pools Day

Registrations Have Now Closed

Registrations are now closed for April Pools Day 2022.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this initiative.

April Pools Day



At Poolwerx, we believe everyone should know how to perform CPR, and that’s why we created April Pools Day. Together with Australian Red Cross, we’ve joined forces to educate as many people as possible with the lifesaving skill of CPR.

To receive your FREE online CPR course valued at $100, simply fill in your details below and you will be sent a login from Australian Red Cross to complete the course.

We surveyed people across Australia, and the statistics are alarming

April Pools Day

Get your FREE Online CPR Course

& Learn the basics of CPR

Laurie Lawrence, alongside his daughter Emma, have put together step-by-step instructional videos on how to administer CPR. These videos are a fantastic start to learning how to administer CPR on children and adults.

Red Cross Online CPR Course

The importance of knowing CPR

How to perform CPR on a Child

How to perform CPR on Adults

Once you’ve learned the basics, finish your knowledge and training by certifying yourself with a free course!

Registrations Open April 1st

April Pools Day

What is April Pools Day?

A child is four times more likely to survive a drowning if their parents know CPR and start immediately! Recent research conducted by Poolwerx reveals that 75% of people surveyed felt they did not have the necessary CPR skills to save a life in an emergency, 37% said they didn’t know where to get training and 34% said their partner knew CPR so they didn’t have to!

Every April we host April Pools Day in partnership with the Australian Red Cross to help change these terrifying statistics by helping to educate more people with this lifesaving skill.

Kids Alive - Do the Five Program

Knowing how to resuscitate in an emergency is vital. But it’s easier to prevent a drowning occurring in the first place. That’s why Poolwerx is a proud supporter of Laurie Lawrence’s Kids Alive – Do the Five program.

By reinforcing five simple steps, the program’s goal is to reduce the number of drownings in Australia to zero:

  1. Fence the pool
  2. Shut the gate
  3. Teach your kids to swim – it’s great!
  4. Supervise – watch your mate
  5. Learn how to resuscitate

Tragically in 2017/18, 33 Australians drowned in swimming pools. 12 of these were kids under five. Figures also show that children under the age of five accounted for over half of reported near drownings in home swimming pools.

Would you know what to do if this happened in your pool?

Teaching your kids to swim, learning CPR and supervising them at all times are key ways you can reduce drowning risk. It’s also important to regularly check your pool surrounds to ensure pool gates, latches and fences and check there are no objects around the fence perimeter.

Download our Pool Safety Checklist

Did you know drowning is the greatest cause of accidental death to children under five in Australia? Each week, on average, one child drowns.

We partner with the Kids Alive community service program to provide education on five important steps to reduce the risk of preschool drowning.

Together with us, you can make a difference. Download your Pool Safety Checklist today!

Download Checklist

Poolwerx April Pools Day - learn CPR

In Partnership with the Australian Red Cross

Australian Red Cross, our April Pools Day training partner, is a leading provider of first aid training and is passionate about skilling as many people as possible in lifesaving CPR. Through the month of April, Poolwerx and Australian Red Cross are offering free online CPR courses valued at $100.

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April Pools Day 2022 Terms and Conditions

  1. The free online CPR course is only available to the first 4,000 people to register. The course is valued at $100.
  2. Registrations for the course will be on offer between 1st-30th of April 2022, or once the allocation is reached.
  3. Following registration, you will be sent a link by Australian Red Cross, which will allow you to access the online course until June 30, 2022.
  4. The online course cannot be sold or redeemed for money.
  5. People wishing to complete full CPR training with the Australian Red Cross following the online component can participate in the practical element at a discount of 20% on selected courses.
  6. All information required is for the sole purpose of creating a login for the online course.
  7. All details will be supplied and shared with the Australian Red Cross and Poolwerx.
  8. Click the following link: to book before 30 May 2022.
  9. Full terms and conditions can be viewed here