Mt Louis

The Mt Louis has 6 full size seats, 55 jets and a full length recliner, make it the perfect family spa for those who are seeking an above average level of hydrotherapy. Varying seating heights also make it the perfect choice for younger families.

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Sculptured seating for 6 people

With 6 comfortable and generous seats Mt Louis is the perfect mid size family spa. Seat placement has been thoughtfully considered to maximise space whilst including our legendary Banff full recliner for maximum relaxation. Each seat provides a unique massage. Find your favourite or move around to experience them all. The choice is yours.

Full hydrotherapy recliner - Nothing beats the feeling of a full body massage that a hydrotherapy recliner gives. Lay back and let the carefully positioned combination of hydrotherapy water and air jets work their magic and ease away aches and stress. The recliner seat is fully adjustable so you can taylor your massage to your desired comfort level.

2 x hydrotherapy seats - Like the hydrotherapy recliners the 2 hydrotherapy seats also allow full submersion up to your neck. Each seat has a different jet configuration strategically placed to provide a luxury back massage to ease away your tension and stress.

2 x rejuvenation seats - Raised seats give a chance to recoup and rejuvenate. They are also the perfect seat for the smaller members of your family. Cool down and relax without having to leave the comfort of the spa, perfect for extended hydrotherapy sessions.

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