Commercial Pool and Spa Equipment

Poolwerx are specialists in commercial pool and spa equipment needs.

Having worked on some of Australia’s biggest resorts, hotels, gyms, retirement villages, strata complexes and community pools the Poolwerx team of qualified Certified Pool Operators (CPOs, Cert III, Cert IV) – are ready to maintain, diagnose and upgrade your commercial pool with some of the latest technology available to the industry.

These are just a few of the products we have installed and maintained for our commercial clients:


Poolwerx supply automated solutions that enable you to operate your pool or multiple pools remotely at the touch of a button or a swipe of a screen. Modern technology enables for quick response and proactive reaction times.

By utilising automation Poolwerx can deliver a multitude of outcomes that maximise efficiency, keep the pool water quality balanced and minimise labour and operating costs. Not to mention reducing down times and improving overall pool water quality.

Leading Edge Water Quality Analysis

Ensuring all pool and spa water is maintained within the relevant health department legislation and Australian standards is at the core of creating a healthy swimming environment and removing the health and safety risks to all swimming pool users.

Partnering with Poolwerx to maintain your water quality is now more beneficial than ever as we introduce more accurate, efficient and economical ways manage your pool and spa. Reducing the risks to your business and creating a better experience for your clients.

Robotic Cleaners

From the most basic of Robotics to those that clean pools up to 50 meters in length and beyond. A well matched robotic can not only collect debris from the floor and scrub the walls and waterline, it can significantly reduce your backwash requirements, saving water, chemical usage, time and money.


Poolwerx can recommend, supply and install a ‘sustainability solution’ when completing a complimentary poolside inspection by offering energy saving options. Starting with energy efficient pumps, state of the art chlorination and dosing systems, heating options through to fit for purpose filtration and accessories that keep the pool operating while enhancing the bather experience.

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