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One Safe Way to Manage Your Pool

Pools associated with strata title buildings, hotels, retirement villages and similar institutions may be deemed by law to be 'public'. With that, comes not only a significant duty of care, but a whole raft of rules and regulations that should be complied with. The consequences of failing to do so can be severe - fines and rectification orders, legal liability, in the event of sickness or an accident and potentially, voiding of insurance cover.

Poolwerx is expert in keeping pools and spas of any size, in any situation, under any bather load, sparkling, healthy and highly cost-efficient.

Just some of the provisions include:

  • A formal pool management and crisis management plan.
  • Regular, formal logging of management measures undertaken.
  • Minimum daily test and treatment (up to hourly dependent on load).
  • Adequate formal training.
  • Appropriate signage.
  • Equipment deemed suitable to circumstance and load.

Frankly, ensuring compliance is the province of an expert. Which is why it makes sense to have Australasia's largest pool and spa maintenance specialists check the pool over and help fill in the gaps.

Poolwerx team of qualified Certified Pool Operators (CPOs, Cert III, CertIV) are ready to maintain, diagnose and upgrade your commercial pool with some of the latest technology available to industry. Or for that matter, to take over maintenance entirely, providing a champagne pool and peace of mind.

It’s why we are for Healthy Pool People and are your experts in the pool & spa care business.

Your pool side appointment is complimentary and we provide a basic visual pool inspection audit.

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