Banff Spas


Introducing Banff Spas ™ – the Poolwerx exclusive Spa range

Housing trends are seeing us building bigger houses on smaller blocks, so lap and spa pools are more popular than ever. Poolwerx is proud to launch the range of Banff Spas ™ to help maximise space in our changing backyard landscape.

We believe taking time out of our busy lives is essential for wellbeing and general happiness. Each Banff Spa has been built with this in mind - as an escape to resort level luxury and sophistication for your family every day of the year. Banff Spas ™ are designed to not only look great but are built to handle the extremes, year after year.

Poolwerx is proud to be the exclusive global distributor of Banff Spas ™, which are currently available across Poolwerx in Australia.

Visit selected Poolwerx stores to see our product range in-store. Products will vary from store to store so call 1300 852 819 to find the closest store for your preferred Banff Spa.

Mt Fifi Banff Spas

Mt Fifi

2000CL / Seats 5 / 46 Jets / 200 x 200 x 92 cm

The Mt Fifi is 2 x 2 metres in size that fits into the most compact outdoor areas. There is no need to compromise on comfort and performance. Like the larger Banff spa models, Mt Fifi offers sublime hydrotherapy and comfort, including a full length hydrotherapy recliner.

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Mt Rundle Banff Spas

Mt Rundle

2160C / Seats 7-8 / 57 Jets / 216 x 216 x 92 cm

The Mt Rundle is an entertainer’s dream. Due to its lounger free design, 7 adults can enjoy a wonderful hydrotherapy experience whilst socialising or relaxing. Its 57 high performance jets will soothe aching muscles and massage away the stress.

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Mt Louis Banff Spas

Mt Louis

2160CL / Seats 6 / 55 Jets / 216 x 216 x 92 cm

The Mt Louis has 6 full size seats, 55 jets and a full length recliner, make it the perfect family spa for those who are seeking an above average level of hydrotherapy. Varying seating heights also make it the perfect choice for younger families.

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Mt Norquay Banff Spas

Mt Norquay

2300C / Seats 7-8 / 62 Jets / 230 x 230 x 92 cm

Due to its generous size, the Mt Norquay is the ultimate in a large capacity hydrotherapy spa. Its 7 generous seats plus an 8th jockey seat makes it the an entertainer’s dream, whilst the two virtual recliners and 62 jets put it at the pinnacle of hydrotherapy capability.

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Mt Sawback Banff Spas

Mt Sawback

2300CL / Seats 6 / 60 Jets / 230 x 230 x 92 cm

For growing families, the Mt Sawback provides no compromise. Through intelligent design, the Mt Sawback offers two recliners of varying lengths, whilst still maintaining 6 full size seating positions. 60 jets driven by two powerful jet pumps ensure this spa is the ideal solution for post exercise recovery, or extreme relaxation.

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Banff Spas Optional Upgrades

Optional Upgrades Available

Banff Spas have a range of optional upgrades, come with 10 year warranty, plus the added benefit of a nationwide support network of certified Poolwerx technicians ready to install, service and help you maintain your new spa.

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